Trans-Bleph Endotine Browlift: a new hit in plastic surgery

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | September 16th, 2020

Eyes are the primary focus when we look at someone, do you agree? Unfortunately, as the years go by, it is also the area that shows the first signs of aging. Soft skin of the eyelids and around the eyes loses elasticity and relaxes. And the eyebrows droop, which then pushes more skin just towards the upper eyelids. This double problem requires a combined tailor-made solution – and that’s how the Trans-Bleph Endotine Browlift was created.

It is still a relatively new and unique procedure performed only by surgeons who aim for the most perfect results. Blepharoplasty (eye lift) can improve eyesight and, to a significant extent, sort out aesthetic problems (sagging and wrinkled skin) in the eye area. Alas, this is often not enough. The brow ptosis, tired and aged appearance may remain even after blepharoplasty.

Once you decide for a corrective surgery, go for the maximum effect. We offer a smart and simple anti-aging solutions that are minimally invasive. The browlift procedure usually takes place under general anaesthesia. Surgeon first removes the excess skin from the upper eyelid and then raises and shapes the eyebrows by inserting a small absorbable implant. All this with one small cut in the fold of the upper lid. Very fine stitches will ensure that the scar is as small and as much invisible as possible. The whole procedure will not take more than an hour. And you will find just such a specialist in Prague. Dr Vera Satankova is one of the leading European plastic surgeons who are performing this combined browlift technique with excellent results.

Her clients appreciate that the functional and aesthetic problems in the eye area can be sorted out in one combined procedure that requires only a short convalescence time. The patient is hospitalised for 1 night after the procedure and upon release advised what to do post op. Instructions include application of cold compresses and lying in a semi-sitting position to prevent swelling and hematoma. Also, appropriate pain medications can be administered to ease the post procedure pain. Forehead area may be partially insensitive after the procedure, but this condition won’t last more than a few weeks. During this time, the endotine implant is gradually absorbed, and in the meantime fixes the eyebrows in the desired position.

You surely wonder how long such an effect will last. It depends on many factors – skin type, genetics, lifestyle, facial skin care. Overall, however, patients enjoy the fresh look and rejuvenated facial expression for decades. Trans-Bleph Endotine Browlift has dominated in the corrective interventions in the US and is now growing in the rest of the world. Would it benefit to you too? You can easily find out if you try to raise your eyebrows with your fingers to improve your eyesight and to get more youthful look.

If such a change would be a relief and a refreshment for you, do not postpone the solution. We would be happy to arrange your consultation with Dr Vera Satankova, skilled and experienced plastic surgeon from Prague.