Successful weight loss during a pandemic

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 22nd, 2021

“How I am supposed to lose weight NOW, if I couldn’t do it even when life is normal?!” This idea may have crept into your mind, if you want to shed extra pounds. We will try to convince you that you may succeed even during the pandemic. There are just too many notorious advices and various tips for a successful weight loss. Therefore we have gathered important facts we think you should consider when trying to shed extra pounds these days.

Sleep well and work with your mind

Regular sleep shouldn’t be such a problem now when we are locked at home. Rest well, sleep 7-9 hours to avoid triggering stress hormones levels, so the body doesn’t start storing fats. And how to prevent and manage stress? Have you already tried mindfulness, or the Wim Hof Method? His cold exposure therapy may not only help you to improve your mental health, or increase willpower, or boost your immunity, but can contribute to weight reduction.

Put yourself in the hands of specialists

If you are not succeeding to lose weight on your own, turn to professionals who will help you find the causes and move on from there. Book for a complete body checkup. If necessary, consult not only doctors/physicians, but also diet specialists (nutritionists), or mental therapists. We will be happy to arrange your checkup and other medical assistance here, we can help you to reduce weight with the help of latest bariatric methods. Traveling to the Czech Republic is safe, even these days. See how we are prepared…

Think about what you eat, you may try… intermittent fasting

Your mind, your endocrine system and healthy functions of the digestive tract play a crucial role in weight loss. Ask yourself honestly – is my current diet sensible and balanced? Make sure it contains enough proteins and fibre. Did you know that we should try to eat approx. 30 different fruits and vegetables weekly, including vegetable bulbs, various nuts, or seeds? Intermittent fasting is not exactly a diet, but a way of eating. This method changes the eating schedule. We recommend the 16/8 method, it works great for weight reduction. The method works in two phases: the food phase (approx. 8 hours) and the fasting phase (approx. 16 hours). The point is that you skip breakfast and eat your first meal around 12 noon, thus starting the food phase. You can eat till about 8 pm. This is followed by fasting until noon the next day. We advise you to consult this method with your doctor/dietician first. Current life restrictions shouldn’t necessarily prevent you from losing weight. Even in today’s difficult times, you can try to move a bit (strength exercises at home, or “ordinary” walking outdoors. Done! Good luck on your way to new life & slimmer figure!
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