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This ultra-modern machine may look like from a science-fiction. In fact, this is not the case – people are still in charge of these super accurate and gentle performances. Dr Jaroslav Tvarůžek is a leading expert amongst the Czech specialists and a member of the American Association of da Vinci Surgery. As a specialist using this system he has been able to carry out more than 4,000 operations with his team since 2008, and these are just prostatectomies. Who else should we ask about da Vinci robot?

What mini-invasive robot-assisted surgery exactly means?

This name refers to operations in which the robotic system moves special tools similar to those in conventional laparoscopy. This achieves greater precision in tissue handling. Unlike conventional surgery, the robot refines the procedure and allows a less invasive approach. The procedure is done through 4 small incisions and the surgeon gets wherever it is needed. This results in a greater likelihood of success, less blood loss, fewer postoperative complications, and small scars that heal quickly. Most patients are in working age, around 45-65 years old. It is important to them and to the society that they return to a full-fledged life as soon as possible.

Which branch of medicine does this technology advancement have the greatest use?

From my point of view, the da Vinci robot is an essential device for the surgery of prostate tumors. All prostate operations in our hospital are related to prostate cancer, which was already diagnosed. The prostate is about as large as a plum and is located at the point where the urethra protrudes from the bladder. It surrounds the urethra as a cuff. Its task is to help fertilization by producing the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. Prostate cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases of men. Over the course of life, it is diagnosed in approximately 16 % of the male population and is also the cause of death in 2.9 %. The actual incidence is surprisingly high. According to studies from the USA, prostate cancer was found in up to 80 % of men over 80 years in autopsy findings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men in their lifetime do not find out that they live with prostate cancer.

You have performed more than 4,000 robot assisted prostatectomies since May 2007. Does the Da Vinci system still surprise you after so many surgical procedures with anything new?

The robot may not surprise me anymore. It is not a science fiction, it is a prolonged, precise surgeon’s hand. This is also an advantage for the patient because the surgery is done more precisely and more gently.

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