Professional teeth whitening during your summer visit in Prague

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There are areas where home DIY activities are appreciated. However, this usually does not apply to our physical appearance and especially to our health. Do you long for pearl-white teeth like in an advertisement, but you don’t want to visit a dental office? Face and hair masks can be applied at home, so why teeth whitening at home should not work? In just a moment and from the comfort of your home for a song – this sounds tempting… Take all things into account, before you decide for the procedure. We will tell you more about teeth whitening.

Proper diagnostics
You may be surprised, however, that unlike home cosmetic care, teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone. In cases of gingivitis or untreated periodontitis may the application be painful and even worsen the condition. Also, cavities should be filled before the procedure, and existing fillings need to be checked. The dentist will consider all aspects, may even advise against the whitening, or suggest steps that must be taken before it. Also, professional whitening has the most visible effect on properly cleaned teeth. It is necessary to remove the plaque and also tartar (not only on the front, but also in areas which are less accessible for routine cleaning).

The bleaching process and its risks
The teeth whitening process involves, of course, the use of bleaching solutions. The advantage of home bleaching kits is undoubtedly lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. However, it always carries a risk of improper application and potentially irritated gums, throat, or stomach. Suspicious products have also appeared on the market, causing poisoning of the digestive tract in more sensitive people. With a commonly purchased product, one can never be sure what the resulting effect would be. There is a particular risk the surface layer of the tooth may be irreversibly damaged.

In-office bleaching works with higher concentrations of bleaching agents. At the same time, however, they are always under very strict control. First, the dentist inserts a flexible mold into your mouth to protect soft tissues against burns. Then it’s time to apply bleaching agents, mostly in the form of a gel (e.g. hydrogen peroxide). The degree of whitening is determined, and also the number of cycles during which a special laser lamp shines on the teeth. The treatment lasts usually for one hour, and as a result, your teeth will look several color grades whiter. All is done without the risk of damaging the tooth enamel, soft tissue burns, or even poisoning.

Why bet on professional teeth whitening?
Long-lasting effect

Bleaching is not just for a one-time “wow effect”. When done properly, it can be a significant change for the better, but also a commitment. Depending on your new shade, the dentist will start to follow the colouring of your new fillings. So once you have a radiant smile, continue to look after your teeth. All you need is a thorough and regular cleaning using proper tooth brush, interdental brushes, and dental floss. Also, do not forget to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and schedule regular appointments with a registered hygienist.

You can have your teeth whitened professionally during your summer visit in Prague. We will help you to find your dentist, so you can leave Prague with a new radiant smile.