Oocyte Vitrification

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Oocyte Vitrification / Social Freezing / Eggs Freezing

This procedure enables you to postpone your pregnancy whilst using the oocytes of your most fertile time. The vitrification process is very similar to a standard IVF treatment i.e.:

  • Initial consultation and examination, you obtain stimulation medications – at the clinic
  • Ultrasound examination before start of the cycle (a week before menstruation at the earliest, 2. day of the cycle at the latest) – this can be done in your home country
  • Stimulation (starting the 2. day of the cycle)
  • Ultrasound examination (8. or 9. day of the cycle), setting the date of the oocyte retrieval – at the clinic
  • Oocyte retrieval (10. – 12. day of the cycle), in short term anaesthesia, you will be allowed to leave approx. 2 hrs after the retrieval (somebody has to pick you up personally and accompany you) – at the clinic
  • Vitrification

You can either stay for the whole process (basically one cycle) or you can come for visits at specified days (2 visits).

For an initial personal consultation it is necessary to bring with you the following: cytologic examination results (not older than 6 months), hormonal profile (taken 2. – 4. day of the cycle), blood group, and (if you have them available) STD tests.

The price for vitrification: 2,500 €

This package includes all medications needed for hormonal stimulation, initial consultation at the clinic (including ultrasound examination), examination on sexually transmittable diseases (STD), pre-procedure examinations, general anaesthesia, oocytes retrieval, vitrification and storage of all retrieved oocytes for a period of 3 years.


PRICE from 2,500 €


PRICE from 1,800 €
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