High-quality, low-cost medical care in the Czech republic at a cost 40-80% lower and at a rate of 3-4 times faster than in the other countries.

Are you having trouble conceiving? Are you looking for an assistance with an assisted reproduction? Sometimes nature needs a helping hand.

IVF – in vitro fertilization

IVF is a complex procedure by which the germ cells, ova and spermatozoa are manipulated outside the female organism – (extra corporal fertilization). Following hormonal treatment leading to the maturation of higher number of oocytes just prior to ovulation, these oocytes are aspirated and transferred to a special cultivation medium, together with the partner´s selected sperm cells. Once fertilized, cultivation of embryos proceeds quite naturally and without intervention. The embryos are then transferred back to the woman´s uterus.

IVF – in vitro fertilization – oocyte donation

IVF with Oocyte donation – among very successful methods of sterility therapy by means of methods of assisted reproduction is the ovum (oocyte) donation. The oocytes retrieved from an anonymous donor are fertilized by sperm of the recipient’s partner. The arisen embryos are then transferred to the recipient’s (future mother) uterus. The clinic offers a complex program of ovum (oocyte) donation. A specialized team of doctors has a long time experience with the program of oocyte donation a reaches the rate of 55-60% for successful pregnancy in one cycle.

Sperm donation

The clinic has its own bank where sperm samples from voluntary, anonymous and properly tested donors are cryopreserved.


PRICE from 3,200 €


PRICE from 2,050 €
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What you can expect?

7-10 days program
Inpatient: 0 nights

a) Cycle Synchronization
In order to plan the transfer of embryos made by egg fertilization provided by the anonymous do-nor by the sperm of your partner without the necessity of freezing them, it is necessary to syn-chronize your cycle with the cycle of the donor. It means that your menstruation must proceed ap-proximately at the same time as the donor’s cycle.
b) Treatment Planning
Plan your stay in the Czech Republic for a period of at least 10 days.
c) Your first visit, consultation, gynaecological examination, incl. sonographic examination
e) Paying the rest of the deposit
f) Sperm Freezing
g) Egg Fertilization
h) Embryo Transfer
i) Maternity Card

A Pregnancy test should be executed after 17 or 20 days after the transfer.

We offer also: Complex diagnosis of male and female infertility. All available methods of reproductive medicine: IUI, IFI, ICSI, PICSI, AH, PK, MESA/TESE, PGD. Infertility treatment with the use of donated eggs, sperm and embryos. Cryopreservation of eggs, sperm, embryos. Treatment of endometriosis, hyperprolactinemia and other endocrinopathies. Hysteroscopy. Gynecology outpatients. Gynecology consultancy.

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How much you can save?

UKup to 60 % - OUR PRICE 4,000 / UK up to 9,930
GermanyOocyte donation is not allowed
FranceOocyte donation is not allowed
USAup to 68 % OUR PRICE 4,000 / UK up to 12,530
SwitzerlandOocyte donation is not allowed
ItalyOocyte donation is not allowed


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  •  Beauty of the country, unique cultural heritage
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