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No hospitalization. No work limitations. The new method glues the varicose veins with a special cyano-acrylate adhesive. The special glue is dropped into the vein, then the vein is squeezed and sealed so that the blood will stop flowing. You need to stay at the clinic for max. 6 hours, even in case of an extensive procedure. You can leave the operating room on your own feet, and the next day you can to go to work. ATTENTION! You can also die of untreated varicose veins (risk of embolia), so it is not just an aesthetic problem. We know where your varicose veins can be treated with this new method. Contact us.


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  1. Lisa Hill

    Thanks for the information! It is better to prevent such diseases by having a healthy lifestyle, we should eat healthily and do workout regularly. But if you already have varicose veins than it is better to have treatment before it’s too late. As untreated veins could cause a serious medical issue later.


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