Novelty in weight loss: Gastric Pill Balloon

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Things are never strictly black, or white, so when looking for a way how to get rid of extra weight, there aren’t only two opposites — dietary guidelines versus radical surgery. People try hard to find long-term and sensible solutions, yet they struggle to achieve and maintain healthy weight. Also, the current pandemic has shown us that obesity can be a health issue (e.g. due to a number of complications associated with metabolic diseases). The good news is that medicine now offers you more non-invasive methods to reduce your BMI. We are talking about gastric balloon pills, which can be simply ingested (without endoscopy, without anaesthesia, outpatient). Would you like to know more about this quite revolutionary novelty in effective weight loss?

Swallow balloon in a pill and start losing weight

So how does this work? The Elipse Balloon is compressed into a small capsule (in the size of a common food supplement). After swallowing the pill with the help of drinking water (all under the supervision of a gastroenterologist) the capsule sets in the stomach and it is filled with saline solution through an attached thin catheter. A balloon shape which fills about 70% of the stomach is formed, thus reducing the overall food intake.

Advantages of the Elipse Balloon

  • The first ever 100% non-invasive bariatric method
  • Available from BMI over 27
  • Length of the procedure: 20-30 min
  • No endoscopic examination required before/after the procedure*
  • The correct placement of the balloon is confirmed by an X-ray
  • Unlike with bariatric endoscopy, local analgesia (sedation) is not required
  • Thus, a one-day hospitalization is no longer necessary, the patient goes home immediately after the procedure
  • Weight reduction up to 13-15% in 4 months
  • Starting healthy eating habits
  • Vegetarian capsule

*After 4 months, a time-activated valve will release the content of the device, the balloon deflates spontaneously, and the casing will leave body naturally.

In addition, the Elipse system offers dietary support with a personal scale linked to an application, so you can monitor the entire weight loss process in detail and consult a nutritionist when necessary.
Have you had enough of starvation diet and the inevitable yo-yo effect? Our specialists in gastroenterology in the Czech Republic may help you to enjoy life freely and fully again. In case you want to know more, contact our English-speaking coordinator Zuzana.

OUR ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE (pre-op, consultation, balloon procedure): EUR 3,300.