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How to experience Mother’s Day without stress and sadness
Anyone who has gone through or is having problems with conception knows very well that during the year there are a number of moments, holidays and celebrations that are challenging for childless couples. Christmas, Easter and first school days after vacations – those are periods that emphasize the themes of family and parenthood.

Day M
All of these “pitfalls” of the year are dominated by one single box in the calendar: Mother’s Day. A day that can mean joyful moments, spring flowers, wishes and time spent together, but also an unpleasant opening of painful topics. A day that reminds by its nature and name that ONLY mothers belong to this club. For those who have also lost their mum, this holiday can have two painful meanings.

It’s just 24 hours out of 365 days a year, one would say. But in today’s intense and fast-paced online world, Mother’s Day, as well as all other holidays, is part of massive advertising campaigns, so quotes and comments are attacking us literally past every corner for a month before.

How not to succumb
Would you like to hide at home on such a day? Let’s be honest, it’s hard to hide before the flow of gift postcards and flowers, so why spoil such beautiful spring day! We will give you three tips on how to not only survive, but also to enjoy this day.

1. Let you express your emotions – Are you melancholic, sad or you just don’t like this holiday? Why not, you cannot have joy on command!

2. Get digital detox – Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. All these are just clichés, pictures of happiness and beauty, not reality and you know it very well. So why try to live such “fairy tale” on this day. In addition, we bet that in 24 hours nothing significant on the networks will change nor happen!

3. Make a day for yourself – Hairdresser, pedicure, massage… just let somebody look after you and pamper you. Maybe your husband could even prepare some dinner, right?

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