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How to undo post pregnancy body changes

The most beautiful time in woman’s life? Indeed! But there are some body transformations that we surely do not want to keep. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine can also help to a mother who does not want to resign on her appearance. So which body areas are influenced the most by the pregnancy hormones? And how to revert these changes?

Belly and thighs

If everything has not returned to where it was, with a wave of a magic wand, do not despair. The baby growth in the uterus is a long process resulting in a stretched womb which does not shrink just on command – it usually takes six to eight weeks for the uterus to return back to pre-pregnancy size. Diastasis of the abdominal muscles, or some extra fat left on your stomach can be effectively sorted with plastic surgery procedures. Liposuction of the excess fat, as well as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) are quite common today. You can completely rely on our doctors who are very gentle and attentive to details such as minimal scarring.


The largest body organ, the largest area for problems! Acne, enlarged veins, stretch marks… a list of the effects of pregnancy on the skin just goes on. A lot of these problems gradually disappear or partly diminish, but often the skin remains loose and stretch marks are visible. However, both Czech aesthetic dermatologists and Czech plastic surgeons have strong weapons! Powerful fraction lasers can address basically all skin deficiencies. Facelift and neck lift can remove sagging facial skin once and for all. A special fibrin glue can improve the results of the facial procedures, without the need for long-term recovery.


Another well-known pregnancy classics – swollen legs and varicose veins. Again, after the birth and some weight loss, everything gets better. However, if you still have visible veins on your leg as an unwanted reminder, we do have a tip for you. Our clinic offers you a mini-invasive surgical removal of varicose veins, including complex post-operative care together with compression stockings.


The increased estrogen levels during pregnancy prolong the hair growth stage, and after the birth, the estrogen levels reduce and the hair follicles become weaker. So the hair start to fall out very intensively. But it is not necessary to panic – within six to twelve months, the hair growth begins again. Don’t you want to wait? For example, treat yourself with mesotherapy, a hyaluronic acid cocktail enriched with vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth.


Our list of pregnancy problems ends with the teeth. In this period, the enamel is demineralized due to reflux which complicates the oral hygiene. White spots and caries in the oral cavity are quite common during pregnancy. The best help can be found with an experienced dentist, who will tell you how to keep a bright smile even during this challenging period.

Children are making you happy, but you are still not feeling fit? There might be irreversible changes and no amount of exercise will get you the pre-natal body. So why worry and not get back what you had before? We will be happy to help you with your requests at Royal Medical. Contact us at, via our FB profile “Health Matters – Royal Medical” or +420 724 075 117.