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How to organize your surgery/medical treatment in the Czech Republic in no time?

Do you have a health problem for some time already? Are you postponing the solution for days, months and years? And then suddenly – You know you don’t want to wait any moment longer! But how to do this when you are interested in the offer of treatments in the Czech Republic? It’s easy!

Royal Medical Coordinators are always here for you, you can reach them any time. Once we get in contact, there’s no more waiting. We can act quickly.

Only the following four steps are required from you:

1. Give us your contact to your preferred communication channel, where you can respond quickly (cell phone, WhatsApp, Skype).
2. Provide us with a true and relevant information about your health condition (complete a questionnaire, provide us with a photo of your medical records).
3. Pay the deposit (just send us a bank transfer confirmation).
4. Give us information when you plan to travel to Prague so we can arrange your transfers.

And what else? Nothing else. We can assist you with arranging everything (accommodation, transports from/to the airport, personal assistance, interpreting), you can absolutely rely on us.

Is this your story? Do you have a question? Get in touch with our coordinator Zuzana via, or at +420 724 075 117 and start packing slowly.