How to maintain your youth?

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Is age just a number?
It is indeed, it is not just a cliché. We do have to distinguish between the calendar age and the biological age. The first one is just a number, the other one represents the state of our body and how old we feel. Two factors play major role. First, the genes. It is difficult to cheat them – we cannot truly re-order them yet. What we can change is our lifestyle. This is a factor which opens up a relatively large field of action. So what to do if we just do not want to accept the ageing process passively. How to hack your body?

What can you change at once?
Lifestyle! What does it mean anyway and how can lifestyle influence your biological age? And what are the effects of smoking, drinking, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activities? There is also something that has not been discussed so much yet, but it is getting to the first place in the causes of health complications. This killer has a name: STRESS. Mental approach is essential in many ways. Daily pressure affects our physical condition, and also how we perceive ourselves. Sometimes it is really simple – whoever feels and behaves young, is young. Your psyche has this great power. Ageing mentally prematurely does not help your physical nature.

Let modern medicine help you
Have you ever heard of biohacking? It is basically just a new term for anti-aging, i.e. trying to get as much information about your body as possible and then use this information not only to help the body, but also to reverse the processes that would later have to be solved surgically. This path is even devoted to the whole independent field – the anti-aging medicine. It comprehensively works not only with detailed examinations and analyses, but also with questionnaires, which will help the doctors to determine your biological age. Subsequently, they can give you recommendations that you should follow and thus reduce your biological age. Do you want to actively approach your current and future physical state? Then antiaging medicine is an option!

Modern complex and aesthetic medicine
And when it comes to the situation that the body cannot go on, physically or mentally, you don’t need to give up. 21st-century medicine offers things that we had never dreamed of a few years ago – in many cases there are methods which are minimally invasive but they can literally change the patient’s life. In the field of the aesthetic medicine, the results are often perceived only as skin deep. The truth is that plastic surgery can do wonders in antiaging because it does not only work on the surface. The procedures can often support changes in the patients’ self-perception and that they feel naturally rejuvenated.

There are some possibilities how to delay the ageing – you always have to look after yourself. Do you want to prevent ageing? We can help you!

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