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How does the fertility treatment (IVF) work?

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What can I expect when I go ahead with the fertility treatment? What should I do? What is not recommended?

These are the most common questions from our clients before they arrive to Prague for the fertility treatment. We want to stop these questions at once and introduce you an overview of the process. The Czech Republic has become a sought place in Europe when it comes to IVF (assisted reproduction). The clinics offer all modern methods of assisted reproduction which the medicine currently allows. The Czech Republic has a liberal legislation in this field.

Below you can see a general treatment plan – a comprehensive table, so you exactly know which medicaments and on which day of the period you need to take them. At the top of the table are listed the days of the cycle. Of course it is recommended to start at once with regular intake of Acid Folic and Vitamin D (for dossier see table). In our general example you can see that the client started stimulating from the 2nd day of her period applying Menopur injections (225 IU). The injection is applied in the morning into a stomach skin fold (we have videos showing the application and it is very easy). Ovitrelle and Cetrotide injections are then later added in the course of the treatment.

What is very important to us are the ultrasound checkups (scheduled on the 6th-7th day of the cycle). We offer the possibility to either come to Prague or save you the back and forth travel costs, or and you can make the ultrasound check at your gynecologist (OB/GYN) and send us only the scan via email. Depending on the result we will update the stimulation plan.

Until now, you stay at home at peace, avoid long distance drives. Skype consultation, on-line prescriptions and treatment plans … all this is routine for the clinic. You do need to come personally for the the egg and sperm collection and either stay till the day of the embryo transfer, or come for a second visit. The clinic cultivates your embryos for 5 days and then the transfer takes place. Meanwhile, you can go home, or back to work or enjoy a few days in Prague. After the transfer you can go home and then look forward to pregnancy test. Contact us at any time. Email: Zuzana, Royal Medical, phone: 00420 724 075 117.