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The role of genetics in the fertilization process is crucial. Did you know that for most common cause of the failed implantations or early abortions in assisted reproduction, is the wrong number of chromosomes (aneuploids)? Modern infertility treatment can help with this issue – with the help of the PGT-A method.

What exactly is it?

PGT-A method, or the full name preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploids. In contrast to the classical ivf procedure, when embryos are selected for transfer only on the basis of morphology (shape) and development dynamics, PGT-A allows a complex genetic screening, allowing only euploid embryos, i.e. cells with a normal number of chromosomes and without identifiable genetic abnormalities. This increases the chances of getting pregnant but also reduces the risk of abortion or child with a chromosomal defect.

How does PGT-A work?

The procedure is performed on embryos on the 5th or 6th day of development. The biopsy takes place on the part of the embryo from which the placenta is later formed, which means that collection of the bio material carrries minimal risk for the further development of the embryo.

The collected material then goes to the genetic laboratory for examination. The embryos themselves would not survive until the expected result of the examination, so it is necessary to freeze them
right after the biopsy. The result is available in 3-6 weeks time. As a result, only euploid embryos will be selected.

Who can benefit from the results of this method?

PGT-A can help couples with the following medical conditions/indications:

  • Woman in Older Age – After 33-35 years of age are reduced both – the number but also the quality of eggs.
  • Repeated abortions excluding other causes.
  • Repeated failures of previous IVF cycles.
  • Miscarriage or childbirth with a developmental defect.
  • Couples after treatment of cancer with chemotherapy, radiotherapy for one or both partners.

In all of these cases, PGT-A helps to increase the chance of conception to the same level as a couple with a good prognosis (i.e. 40% success rate per transfer).

PGT-A method is part of our offer. Our coordinators will be happy to tell you more, just ask!