Home alone: slim and shapely legs easy and fast

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Are you not happy with their shape? They appear dry and pale? Use some tricks, maintain regular care and your legs will be grateful to you – we will tell you what to do…
We have already advised how to shape legs with exercises, proper diet and optional aesthetic enhancement procedures, such as liposuction, modulation, or a combination of these two methods.

We bet you are pretty tired of frequent shaving with a razor. Do you know that there are highly effective IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) epilation devices available? And that the results of IPL assisted epilation are similar to the results of derma epilation? What is the most important – the effect of smooth legs lasts longer – if you have this treatment regularly they even stop growing.
Skin care routine for your legs
Of course, peelings and creams are promoted everywhere these days. Peeling and subsequent hydration are not a cliché, they do work. E.g. coffee peeling helps you to achieve smooth skin, also you will feel relaxed at the same time. You should be generous with the body creams and body butters, apply them daily, or every other day (ideally after shower). This creates a good starting point for your legs to shine and stand out.
Are your legs white and pale for most time of the year?
This is a pretty common problem unless you live in “a land of eternal sun”. However, even this problem can be sorted out these days. Just don’t be afraid of self-tanning creams and lotions. There are very gentle ways how to apply the self-tanning creams using special gloves, so the results are stripe free and spotless.
Heels and skirts
These are also called “female weapons”. High heels can indeed make your look slimmer and taller. However, you need to play it safe (reasonable heel height, safe shoe fastenings, and comfy shoe tips). The orthopaedists admit they are not in favour of everyday walking in high heel footwear. It is quite unnatural position for the arches of the foot, so you should not overdo it.
How about the skirt length? The stylists recommend the above the knee length. The midi length (mid-calf) makes your legs look shorter and your calves may appear even wider. And honestly, mini lengths will look good only when paired with perfect legs.
There are many things you can do to have legs you are happy with. Regular routines, such as skin care, exercises, and also aesthetic procedures can enhance the beauty and shape of your legs, so you can proudly show them to the world.

In case you want to know more what aesthetic surgery offers these days, Zuzana can give you more information about liposuction, or modulation, or a combination of these two procedures.