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Everything you should know about SMAS facelift

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Or rhytidectomy, rhytis = wrinkle, ectomy = surgery / removal).
It has been more than a century since the first woman in Europe decided not to surrender the unstoppable course of time and had a facial surgical rejuvenating procedure which is known as facelift now. It is also necessary to mention the procedure has changed considerably since. Time spent in the operating theatre has been shortened, the convalescence time has been reduced. Not to mention the results have progressed by leaps and bounds. Thus the results of the SMAS lifting method are quite naturally looking and lasting. What exactly facelift is? Why and when choose this procedure?

Facelift vs SMAS facelift.
Traditional facelift, as we know it, only stretches and pulls out the upper layers of the loose skin. But skin is not the only place where aging-related changes occur – they happen in deeper facial layers as well. The results of the SMAS facelift procedure are thus more complex – not only the skin of the face is stretched out, but the deep wrinkles are pulled out.

Can facelift be combined with other facial procedures?
Facelift can be effectively combined with a neck lift, or complete blepharoplasty, or Botox to enhance the effect of the procedure. In this case we can recommend Dr Vera Satankova, an experienced Czech plastic surgeon, who performs combined facial procedures for many years.

Great and long lasting results.
These are two distinctive bonuses that make SMAS facelift sought by a large number of patients – not only by women but also by men. Careful surgical work with tissue layers, their adjustments, the use of fibrin glue to close small incisions in the hairline and behind the ears, make SMAS facelift a truly effective procedure. In the care and hands of such surgeons as Dr. Vera Satankova you can be sure that you will gain new self confidence, but at the same time stay yourself.

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