About us

Czech doctors belong to the best in the world. Let us convince you.


Royal Medical provides top-class medical tourism guidance with a strong emphasis on our clients’ safety and comfort. We know the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in our services. We believe our success depends on our ability to listen and respond appropriately to the people we serve, and to remain aware of ever-changing issues and ideas.

Royal Medical strives to find high-quality, low-cost medical care in the Czech Republic at a cost 40-80% lower and at a rate of 3-4 times faster than in the other countries.

Royal Medical cares about your health hence, we always prefer non-invasive surgery (the body is not invaded or cut open as during surgical investigations or therapeutic surgery) and as safe manner and form of procedures as possible. This approach makes hospitalization shorter, less painful and more comfortable. The risk for subsidiary complications decreases.

Royal Medical has years of experience with medical tourism, we are also experts at organizing recovery staying and sightseeing activities. Your treatment will mostly take place in the very cultural capital of Europe – Prague. We prepare client´s recovery program with the desire to succeed for any client.

Royal Medical really cares about building client loyalty. We employ individuals who can respond quickly and personally to our patients’ requests, whether it is for product information, a transaction history, or changes to a health vacations order.



  • We advise on how to select the right medical or dental specialist / medical centers for your medical treatment or health screening
  • We handle your travel arrangement from flight and accommodation bookings, visa applications or extension to planning of vacation / sight-seeing activities
  • Schedule your medical or dental appointments and follow-up confirmation to ensure availability
  • Airport transfer
  • Personal concierge to meet you at the airport and be at your service throughout your stay
  • We can arrange for you a personal car with a driver at your disposal
  • Arrange for extended stay for recuperation / recovery
  • Arrange for extended accommodation
  • Arrange for sight-seeing activities
  • 24-hours hotline for enquiries and emergencies
  • Support staff on 24 hours stay-by
  • Interpreter services arrangement
  • Special food, beverages or religious arrangements


  •  Incredible savings
  •  All English speaking staff (German, Russian, other languages available)
  •  Modern clinic, superior quality of staying, historically excellent level of medicine
  •  Patients´ safety and high quality of the services
  •  Regular monitoring, controlling and improving medical standards
  •  Perfect education stage of specialists and all medical staff
  •  Individual approaches to our clients
  •  Years of experience with medical and wellness tourism
  •  100% positive testimonials in our history
  •  Accessibility – direct flights between Prague and over 130 destinations
  •  Beauty of the country, unique cultural heritage
  •  One of the most favourite European destinations of medical tourism


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  • I was warmly welcomed at Ruzyne airport. Martina gave me further assistance during all my stay.

  • I am very satisfied with my surgery and recommend Royal Medical for the high quality service.

  • The outcome of my treatment is very promising, that is the most important thing.

  • I am a fan of the Czech medicine and do not want to be treated anywhere else.

  • Thanks to Royal Medical and the surgical clinic for an excellent job.

  • Your level of customer service was excellent, almost more than we expected.

  • All communication and documents were made in a very short time. Thanks.

  • The supportive medical staff was very polite and friendly.

  • All things were prepared very clearly and orderly.

  • Thanks for the great job that Royal Medical did for me.

  • I liked the atmosphere distinguishing the clinic from the other and also high quality medical services. Thanks.