4 reasons why choose Royal Medical

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Why do our patients return home in better health condition and most of all: very satisfied? And why they do not hesitate to recommend us to others, and sometimes even come back to us again? The Czech Republic and Prague are really beautiful places, but that is not all. Here are the main reasons why medical treatment pays off with Royal Medical…

Our mission – care

All of us at Royal Medical have years of experience in medical tourism. So we know that traveling abroad for health care requires careful planning, time and support wherever you go. Our coordinators are therefore always available, not only before you arrive, but will assist you also during your stay and treatment. Each patient is new and unique to us and we strive to make contact with each other so that we can provide maximum safety and comfort. For 100% understanding are language skills required. Our coordinators therefore speak fluent English, German, or Russian. You can contact us at anytime. We communicate via mobile phones, e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype. We are also able to offer you an online consultation with our specialists.

Doctors worth visiting and modern clinics

We certainly all agree that in the end, it is always mainly about the doctor, Czech medicine has a good reputation in the world. The long tradition of comprehensive medical education and intensive international contacts for information sharing over the past 30 years are the advantages of Czech medicine, which are visited by thousands of foreign patients every year. We, Royal Medical offer our patients complex services of the best leading Czech specialists. Czech doctors have high level of expertise and rich experience – a basis of a successful doctor’s work. But they can also rely on the excellent facilities of modern clinics to provide 100% safety and comfort to every patient.

Great results at reasonable prices

At the end of each journey, even the healing, is the destination. Our goal at Royal Medical is to leave the patient happy not only with care, but mainly with the results. These are guaranteed by excellent doctors whose work speaks for itself. Thanks to an individual approach, modern techniques and intensive attention and care, patients can fulfill their dreams and regain their health in the gentlest way and with respect to their overall life situation. And price? It is only the icing on the cake – you can save up to 80 % of the price of the medical treatment here in the Czech Republic.

It’s a journey!

Finally, there is the attraction of the destination itself. After all, we don’t even have to sing odes to the beauty of Prague. The reputation of this hundred-spired city speaks for itself. Prague is quiet, welcoming, historical, and beautiful. And the rest of the Czech Republic is equally worth seeing. So combine the pleasant with the useful and come on a trip that will improve your life.

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